High School Links. This is Fayetteville Technological Society College’s Twelfth Grade Links System!

High School Links. This is Fayetteville Technological Society College’s Twelfth Grade Links System!

Join now let’s talk about tuition-free curriculum!

Understanding what exactly is University Contacts?

Get a start your level or profession. Grab free institution classes as a very high college graduate to accelerate end of college or university certificates, certifications, and associate degrees conducive to college send or provide entry level work techniques.

Senior high school joints (HSC) would be the hometown part associated with the status regimen, profession and institution vow. The system supplies smooth double enrollment instructional ventures for eligible new york kids.

Highschool Connections Registration

Put On

To Apply for the High School Connections Programs, complete the Enrollment Application.

Pick The Desired Route & Courses

The Career & Technical Education Pathways for high-school connectivity kids involves numerous certificate systems to simply help additional youngsters education. After graduating kids should have certificates commit using any relate amount they might need to get.

The faculty send path leading to the link in artwork is ideal for twelfth grade juniors and seniors who would like to begin study toward the connect in Arts diploma and a baccalaureate level in a non-STEM biggest. The pathway is definitely a structured group of lessons contained in the complete Articulation settlement (CAA) amongst the school of new york and vermont society school program.

Upload Their Transcript/Test Score

A copy of your latest transcript together with your unweighted GPA is needed.

Purchase Books & Spend Costs

Products can be purchased on FTCC Bookstore. Verify if a book is going to need for your school using the book search instrument. Students is responsible for students exercises cost and modern technology charge. For the most up-to-date details about session prices for students: businesses & fund workplace.

Should change your HSC pathway?

Utter the school associations http://datingmentor.org/escort/brownsville Pathway Change inquire using the internet form.

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Create mild of financial predicament.

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Keep it all fun.

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do not claim is something you’re maybe not.

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